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At TruHealth we do our best to educate clients about health options. Better choices can be made when information is available. You are the only one who can make choices about your health, and you are the one that has to live with the results of your choice – do you have all the information you need to make the best choice for yourself?

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We at TruHealth provide various services to the nature of the clients.
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She Nailed My Problem Within A Few Seconds

Meeting Kasara was a transformative point in my life. She nailed my problem within a few seconds, which was a huge relief, coming after two years of searching for answers. Many years after our initial meeting, I still use the knowledge she had taught me to maintain my wellbeing.

Anat Ben-Shaul, Writer

Kasara Literally Changed My Life!

Kasara literally changed my life. I had allergies so bad that I was getting shots 3 times a week, on 60 mil of Benedryl daily and the allergist said all I could do was to take more Benedryl. Once I started seeking Kasara’s help, within 6 months, I was off the shots and Benedryl. She had me take herbal antihistamines. Soon I was off those also. She is knowledgeable and caring. When I refer someone to her, I know they will be in good hands.

Anne Sandler

I have known Kasara for years!

For many years now it has been my pleasure to work with Kasara D’Elene. I’ve taken her Herbalist training class, have given class presentations with her and have worked in her office part-time for over a year. She centers on the wellness of her clients. She is my personal Herbalist and I recommend her to anyone needing herbal remedies. I also have the utmost respect for her knowledge, business practices, personal integrity and the quality of the products she sells

Charles Crowder, DC

We lost 30lbs!

Both my mom and I have been on an antifungal diet and herbal program for two years, we’ve lost about 30 pounds each, our systems are cleansed and our energy is up. My mom’s Rosacea has cleared up and I don’t have chronic Strep Throat infections anymore.

Yolanda Fulmer

I was able to go off from antidepressants

My son and I have been seeing Kasara for three years and we are both off prescription drugs and healthier. I was able to go off antidepressants and thyroid medicines, and my son, who is ADD, was able to go off his medicine. Kasara does a good job. We don’t get sick as often, and when we do we recover more quickly.

Tara Chang

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