Iridology allows us to see the condition of body tissues. TruHealth provide Iridology readings in-person, over the phone or via email (pictures must be taken and sent to [email protected] at least 24 hours before reading).

The session contains an overview of Iridology, a Iris reading of both of your eyes, and health recommendations based on readings.

Kasara was trained in Iridology by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Herbalist Lawanda Stauffer and Certified by IIPA.

$45/45 Minutes

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Learn More About Iridology

Iridology was started in 1853 in Hungary. Ignatz von Peczely was 10 years old and when playing with an owl he happened to break one of its legs. He started nursing the owl back to health and noticed there was a dark mark in the lower region of the bird’s iris. Once the owl was healed, we noticed the mark in the eye was gone. Ignatz grew up to become a medical doctor and remembering the owl incident from his childhood, he started drawing pictures of his patient’s eyes and comparing what he saw with their health issues.

What is truly amazing is that a priest in Sweden around the same time, Nils Liljequist, remembered when he was young that his own iris colors changed when taking various medicines. He also drew pictures of his experiences and when comparing the gentlemen’s pictures and deductions, they are almost identical although they never met each other. Iridologists consider them both the Founding Fathers of Iridology.

Today, eye doctors are able to see many illnesses by looking at the eyes, and trained iridologists are able to see tissues of the body to determine weaknesses with about 90% accuracy. A weakness in the body’s tissues or organs often shows up in the eye before they show up in medical tests.

At TruHealth, Iridology is used to see the condition of tissues within the body systems. It allows us to see digestion and elimination systems to provide guidance on what might be most helpful to the body. It is one of the many tools used to assist clients on their health journey.

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