Experience Unique Deep Energy Healing – often removing pain, emotional burdens, and illness.

Using a variety of healing techniques, Reiki, Yuen Method, and Healing from Love of the Universe/Source.

Work is set up for a specific time and can be done on the phone or other electronic methods.

$45/30 Minutes

Interested in FREE energy healings? Email [email protected] and someone will reach out to provide you a free energy healing.

Everything around us is made up of energy; physical objects, plants, and people. Because of this, energetic healing is possible by transferring or moving energy around to benefit the client. Energy healing includes emotional clearings, allergy clearings, and/or pain relief. Energy healing is not limited to spatial distance and this phenomenon is explained in many resources including research by physicists Dr. Bruce Lipton, Amit Goswami, and therapist Karol Truman.

Kasara is able to feel what others are experiencing and uses powerful tools to help remove issues or provide guidance on information received to her clients. This includes removing any blockages or uncomfortableness that may be causing pain or illness. Kasara provides energy work based on client requests including Reiki, Yuen Method, or overall energy clearings. Healing work is provided in person or over the phone anywhere in the world.

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